Ajendance proudly presents, Project Dance.
Project Dance is a 2day training event for everything that is DANCE. Over 2 days there will be 40+ workshops, with the industries TOP PROFESSIONALS, in many different styles. Dancers will also have the chance to train on a 1to1 bases with some of these professionals.
  • Dance-wear/accessories/training equipment Exhibitors
  • Teachers workshops
  • Personal Fitness Training sessions
  • Mindfulness talks
  • 1 to 1 private tutorial
  • Healthy lifestyle talks
  • Jam sessions
  • Food and outdoor fun
Dance styles currently include:
  • Ballet
  • Tap
  • Irish
  • Jazz
  • Street Dance
  • Contemporary
  • Highland
  • Swing/Lindy Hop
  • Acrobatic Arts
  • Musical Theatre
  • Commercial
August 2019 will see the beginning of N.I’s biggest dance convention. Project Dance aims to be the most INCLUSIVE dance event in Ireland, featuring as many different dance styles as possible. All dancers are welcome to this event no matter their age, ability or background. Project Dance urges dancers to push themselves outside their comfort zone and try something new. We are creating a safe space for all kids and adults alike, to learn new skills and enjoy progressing in their art form.


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Ajendance Contracts

ADC Contracts is a Belfast-based organisation which caters for dance teachers and choreographers throughout northern Ireland. We provide long and short-term jobs (giving teachers full recognition for their work under their own name).

Services offered include:

  • Recurring weekly classes
  • One-off classes
  • Birthday parties
  • Themed hen parties
  • Strictly choreography
  • First dance lessons/choreography

We will match your event with the ideal teacher based on your particular needs.

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