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Ajendance Community

Ajendance Community Association (ACA) was set up in December 2016 with the sole purpose to benefit both our local community and the children who attend our dance school.  The ACA is made up of a committee of 10 committed parents who work jointly as a team.

In recent years Ajendance Dance Company have continued to grow at a considerable rate which has given numerous opportunities to the children and young adults who attend.

Although ACA has only been set up a short while, Ajendance have been helping both the community and charitable organisation over the last 5 years.  In most recent times ACA raised monies for the Northern Ireland Children’s Hospice.

The children from Ajendance danced at the Hospice a few days before Christmas and handed over a cheque to help with purchasing equipment.
We worked alongside the Women’s Refuge and staged a flash mob in Belfast and took Belfast by storm to raise vital funds.

Last year in August a large number of children from Ajendance qualified to go to the UDO Championship in Glasgow.  What an amazing opportunity for all the families involved. This year we are hoping to qualify once again and with the help of the ACA assist families with costumes, tickets and flights. ACA work closely with Annika and Clare to bring support to the local community.

We are in the midst of organising a Strictly Come Dancing to raise monies for the children and the studio, this will be start of many events which will benefit the children and impact their lives giving opportunities that they would never have had before.


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Ajendance Contracts

ADC Contracts is a Belfast-based organisation which caters for dance teachers and choreographers throughout northern Ireland. We provide long and short-term jobs (giving teachers full recognition for their work under their own name).

Services offered include:

  • Recurring weekly classes
  • One-off classes
  • Birthday parties
  • Themed hen parties
  • Strictly choreography
  • First dance lessons/choreography

We will match your event with the ideal teacher based on your particular needs.

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