BACK TO THE GRIND… We can do this people. (need to know for 3rd sept)

Hey everyone, a few things about our new term coming up on 3rd of SEPTEMBER 2018.


( Baby Hip Hop – Start date : 10th September )

* All classes resume on the 3rd. ALL fees for sept are due on Monday 3rd.

* Uniform lists will be available from the studio or online

* Ajendance now accepts CARD PAYMENTS (Belfast)

* Please wear the correct clothing to each class

* DO NOT forget to register ONLINE for all classes before the 3rd SEPT and pay your reg fee of £5.

Cant wait to see all you guys !!! LETS GET THIS SEASON GOOD.


Annika, Clare & Lynn
Team Ajendance


Dont be dissappointed this sept … JOIN AJENDANCE NOW. Here are some of the things we offer to our dancers.

* Audition prep for furthering your education/career in the arts.

* Performances & Competitions all over Ireland and the U.K.

* Exams in different styles of dance & acrobatic arts.

* Funfilled classes for fitness, confidence building and learning new skills.

You can click on our home page and go to directly to “classes” and read all about each style we offer at Ajendance. We offer classes to ALL LEVELS ALL ABILITIES AND ALL AGES.

2 studios (Belfast & Banbridge) check out the info from our home page

07545574995 / 07880880829

PROJECT DANCE 2018 Belfast

Its gonna be LIT!!! What a week it will be… First 3 amazing artists are as follows.

😎 Tobi Bolgan – Street

💃 Oona Doherty – Contemporary

🕴 Neil O’Brian – Tap

We are so very excited about these 3 amazingly talented people. You can get more info on our fb page @Ajendance Belfast and you can pm to pay deposits etc.

Week one for all Beginner/Novice dancers JULY 23rd 24th 25th 26th 9.30am – 14.30pm
£50/pp includes Free T-Shirt

Week two for all Inter/Advanced dancers JULY 30th 31st & 1st 2nd AUG 9.30am – 15.30pm £80’pp includes Free T-Shirt
(Guest Tutors from all over the UK & Ireland)

Email to reserve a place
or call on 07880880829/07545574995


Well what a way to end the season for AJENDANCE. We had a killer day in Dublin what a comp. So many call backs so many placings we are so so proud of each and every dancer that took to the floor yesterday.


Baby G’s – 2nd Place

Lil Playaz – 1st Place

ADC – 1st Place


Olivia Rea 6th place

Jade Copas 2nd place

Rhys Devlin 1st place

Zara Janahi 1st place

Luke Fisher 1st place

Caidan McQuillian 3rd place

Andrew Montgomery 3rd place

Poppi Ellis 3rd place

Caitlin Shaw 5th place

Lucy Burns 5th place

Teejay Kerr 2nd place

Lucy Burgess 1st place

Bailey Russell 5th place

Darcy Kerr 5th place

Eva Burns 4th place


Rhys & Lucy 1st place

Caitlin & Jordan 4th place

Zara & Ellen 1st place

Bailey & Eva 1st place

Dervla & Andrew 1st place

Bethanie & Luke 2nd place

Cassie & Teejay 3rd place

Molly & Casey 5th place

Erin & Ella 6th place

Hollie & Rhys 6th place

Poppi & Abigail 5th place

Angel & Lucy 1st place

Amiee & Darcy 3rd place

Kaitlyn & Mollie 6th place

Congratulations to all the dancers you guys are A for AMAZING! #Ajendance

Project Dance 2018. July/Aug.

Hey everyone .. We are delighted to annouce the return of PROJECT DANCE this summer. You can find all info on our FB EVENT on our FB page Ajendance Belfast.

We have 2 amazing weeks of dance lined up for everyone. Beginner week and Advance week. 4 days each packed with various styles and guest tutors from around the world.

You don’t have to be a part of Ajendance to take part EVERYONE is welcome on our course.


Week one for all Beginner/Novice dancers
JULY 23RD 24TH 25TH 26TH 9.30am – 14.30pm £50/pp includes Free T-Shirt

Week two for all Intermediate/Advanced dancers JULY 30th 31st & 1st 2nd AUG 9.30am – 15.30pm
£80’pp includes Free T-Shirt
(Guest Tutors from all over the UK & Ireland)

Email to reserve a place
or call on 07880880829/07545574995

Filming music videos … We do it all.

We recently did a little day on set with a fabulous band from our wee country. Zara,Rhys,Caitlin & Siennah had the best day filming in Belfast City Centre. They were filmed using drones aswell as handhelds, this of course made their day. Here are a few snaps of our day. We are supper excited to see the final project once they do their official single launch. Good luck ladies, KNOCK EM DEAD from all at Ajendance 🙂

Spectrum – First Timer & Starter day results.

Well we had a great wee day yesterday at Spectrum Dance events.

***Crew Results

ADC – 1st Place

Baby G’s 9th Place

Lil Playaz 2nd Place

Liberty Krew 1st place & Overall winners FT

***Solo results…

Olivia Rea 1st Casey Robinson 5th

Luke Fisher 1st & Judges Choice winner

Teejay Kerr 3rd Rhys Collins 6th

Darcy Kerr 3rd Scarlett Harris 5th

Jade Copas 1st Zara Janahi 1st

Rhys Devlin 2nd

Erin O’Neill 1st & Judges Choice winner

*** Duo results

Jade & Zara 1st Rhys & Lucy 2nd

Caitlin & Jordan 5th Amiee & Darcy 1st

Cassie & Teejay 5th Andrew & Dervla 3rd

Angel & Lucy 2nd Siennah & Lucy 4th

Mollie & Kaitlyn 2nd Molly & Casey 1st

Scarlett & Caidan 4th Abigail & Poppi 1st

Bailey & Eva 2nd

We would just like to THANK all our amazing dancers and parents for their continued support for Ajendance and the work we do. #BringTheNoise #Ajendance #Dance #Spectrum #Results #EastBelfast #Kids

StreetDOTY Dance Supreme Results 2017. 

Well here it is folks…  

What a day we had at the city north hotel @STREETDOTY 

Crew Results 

  • Baby G’s 1st Place U8 
  • Lil Playaz 1st Place U14
  • A.D.C 1st Place U16 
  • Soul Krew 2nd place O16 Open

Solos in no particular order…

  • Abigail Bowen 1st U6 First Timer
  • Rhys Collins 2nd U6 Beg
  • Hollie Burgess 3rd U6 Beg
  • Lucy Burgess 5th U10 Beg
  • Darcy Kerr 3rd U10 Beg
  • Teejay Kerr 3rd U12 Beg
  • Ellen Burns 3rd U16 Beg
  • Rhys Devlin 1st O16 Beg
  • Jade Copas 2nd O16 Beg
  • Lucy Burns 3rd U14 Beg
  • Zara Janahi 1st U16 Starter
  • Ashleen Pina 1st U14 Starter
  • Bea Pina 2nd U16 Beg
  • Luke Fisher 1st U12 Starter
  • Shay Creaney 2nd U12 Beg
  • Bailey Russel 5th U8 Beg
  • Caidan McQuillan 1st U8 Starter
  • Andrew Montgomery 4th U12 Beg

Duos …

  • Lucy & Darcy 4th 
  • Dervla & Angel 1st
  • Andrew & Bethanie 3rd
  • Lucy & Rhys 1st
  • Ellen & Bea 1st
  • Teejay & Luke 1st

Awe we had some many quarter finals, semi finals and callbacks also. What an amazing day. To finish it off beautifully 


  • Caidan McQuillan U8 Winner
  • Luke Fisher U12 Winner 

Congratulations to each and every one of you. We are sooo proud of you all.  Heres to the next year 😎😍😎