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Times for Belfast Pride 6th July 2013

Okay folks here its is …

12pm Belfast Pride Parade (city centre)

1.45pm SHAKE! Will take to the stage for your listening pleasure (Custom House Square)

3.45pm Ajendance senior crew & Molly & Shay (Custom House Square)

7pm Ajendance dance crews (Kremlin Street Party)



Summer showcase 18th June

Okay folks , here it is…. It’s show day. All of our dancers will be tanned and ready to rock it by 4pm. We have a SOLD OUT show in Stranmillis theatre in Belfast. I want to wish everyone good luck and hope you all have a fantastic day and night. much much love from the bosses KaKa and Clarebear 🙂

Dress rehearsal, Thanks :)

Well well well , children and adults alike , thank you for tonight. You are all going to be amazing on Tuesday night in Stranmillis theatre 😀 rock and roll peeps. Remember we have pro video and photos being shot so make sure the make up is GLAM and the hair is BIG 🙂 #bringthenoise