Annika Graham

Annika graduated from Belfast Metropolitan College with 3 distinctions in Performing Arts Dance. She began her training at the age of 6 in Latin American and Ballroom, and continued to compete until she was 13. A few years later, she began commercial training with Tribal Dance Company, performing in venues across the province for a further 3 years. At 19, she began teaching Hip Hop and Commercial Jazz, frequently attending training courses and workshops at London’s prestigious Pineapple Studios. Annika started Ajendance with the view to making a semi-professional company with it’s owners studio space for classes and advanced training. Ajendance Studios opened in 2013 and has continued to go from strength to strength. She has trained students for further education and has seen them off to London to take up a career in the arts. Annika recently obtained her Module 2 Award as an Acrobatic Arts Instructor, and hopes to continue her professional development.