Project Dance

Project Dance NI 2019 : Timetable

        (ALL classes and times are subject to change)

Classes are 50mins each

Saturday 3rd August (Room: Project)

9.20am -Yoga with Sayon
10.20am -Contemporary with Jemima Brown (Beg)
11.20am -Locking with Wickedmindz (Inter)
12.20pm -Open AcroPAD (ALL)
1.20pm -Pointe with Sara Maria Barton
2.20pm -Choreography w/ Tobias Ellehammer (Adv)
4.00pm -Performance with Philip Joel (Inter)
5.00pm -Choreography with Ricky Jinks (Inter)
6.00pm -Jazz technique with Neil O'Brien (Beg)
7.00pm -Contemporary with Alice Robinson (Adv)

Saturday 3rd August (Room: Dance)

10.20am -Hip Hop foundations with Tobi Balogun
11.20am -Mindful Movement with Maiden Voyage 
12.20pm -Baby Dance with Clare Montgomery 18mths+
1.20pm -Street Dance with Wickedmindz (Beg)
2.20pm -Popping with Shannen Devlin (Inter)
3.20pm -Choreography with Naoimh Morgan (Adv)
4.20pm -Choreography with Annika Creative (Beg) 
5.20pm -Creative Movement with Ian Harris (Inter) 
6.20pm -AcroPAD (closed session DDA)

Saturday 3rd August Seminars (Room:Drama Theatre)
1.00pm -Healthy Lifestyle Choices 
2.30pm -Self Image W/ Michele Irvine
5.00pm -Open session Mental Health in the Arts 
6.00pm -Grow your business/developments 

Saturday 3rd August (Fitness Suite)

sessions w/ Nicole Wray 
3-5pm - FREE of charge 
Register name on the day of event
at the front desk

Sunday 4th August (Room:Project) 

9.00am -Yoga with Sayon
10.00am -Technique with Philip Joel (Adv) 
11.00am -Fusion with Alice Robinson (Beg) 
12.00pm -Choreography w/ Tobias Ellehammer (Inter)
1.20pm -Tap with Jack Evans (Inter) 
2.20pm -Choreography with Ricky Jinks (Adv)
3.40pm -Ballet with Sara Maria Barton (Adv)
4.40pm -Musical Theatre - Naoimh Morgan (Adv)
5.40pm -Contemporary Combos with Jemima (Adv)
6.40pm -Choreography with Neil O'Brien
Sunday 4th August (Room:Dance)

9.00am - Hip Hop with Tobi 
10.00am -Ballet with Sara Maria Barton (Beg)
11.00am -Somatic w/ Maiden Voyage(Teachers)
12.00pm - AcroPAD (Closed DDA)
1.20pm -Creative Movement with Ian Harris (Adv)
2.20pm -Popping foundations with Shannen Devlin
3.40pm -Tap Drills w/ Jack Evans(Adv/Teachers)
4.40pm -Choreo with Annika Creative
5.40pm -AcroPAD Open Session (ALL) 
6.40pm -Breakin Foundations with BBOY Pash(Inter)
Sunday 4th August Seminars (Room: Drama Theatre)

12.00pm -Inspiring Students 
2.30pm -Open Session Mental Health In the Arts p2
5.00pm -Growing Your Business p2